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Sea Frogs SALTED LINE Waterproof Housing for Sony A6xxx camera series

Waterproof housing A6xxx Salted Line was created for surfing photography and scuba diving/underwater photography with Sony A6500/A6400/A6300/A6100/A6000 cameras. One of the main things that sets this unit apart from all other brands is the price, which is $347.00 USD for a basic unit with a standard flat port for Sony 16-50mm & 10-18mm lenses with zoom function available. For this price, you get full access to all camera controls inside waterproof housing that can be used at a maximum depth of 60 meters underwater. By adding different accessories such as detachable 2 stage pistol grip (Housing with Pistol Grip bundle $447.00 USD) you get yourself a unit for surfing photography. Additionally, Dry Dome Port can be added (Housing with Dry Dome Port bundle $542.00 USD  / Housing with Pistol Grip & Dry Dome Port bundle $642.00 USD ) which will give you the ability to use many different lenses including wide-angle lenses. This makes the unit highly versatile in any water activity known today. Please visit the website dedicated to Salted Line Waterproof Housings

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